Here are some front sights we've found on Savage 1899's and 99's.  0873415590_m.gif (16688 bytes) Old Gunsights : A Collectors Guide, 1850-1965*
by Nicholas Stroebel
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front_blade_white.JPG (12567 bytes) White metal blade in dovetail.
"Jack" sight in dovetail. front_dovetail.JPG (11377 bytes)
front_ivory.JPG (12851 bytes) Marble's Ivory bead in dovetail.
"Short" bead in integral base. front_integral_short.JPG (13090 bytes)
front_integral_long.JPG (14137 bytes) "Long" bead in integral base.

Marble's Duplex No. 5 Sight with coarse bead folded - in raised ramp.

front_db_dn.jpg (13775 bytes)
front_db_up.jpg (14119 bytes) Marble's Duplex No. 5 Sight with coarse bead up - in raised ramp.
Metal bead in raised ramp. front_rr_brass.JPG (13629 bytes)
front_rr_brass.JPG (13629 bytes). Interesting...
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