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Unofficial Site for the Savage Model 1895,
Savage Model 1899, and Savage Model 99

made by Savage Arms.
Savage Rifles are Great!

Savage Shooters, Savage Firearms Collectors,
and Savage Hunters.

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A Collector's Guide to the
Savage 99 rifle.
by David Royal.

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Savage Pistols.
by Bailey Brower, Jr.

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The Ninety-Nine,
A History of the Savage Model 99 Rifle.
by Douglas Murray.

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10 Shots Quick
The Fascinating Story of the SAVAGE Pocket Automatics.
by Daniel Stern.

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Savage & Stevens Arms, Collector's History. by Jay Kimmel.
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Savage & Stevens Arms & History.
by Bill West.
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Savage Ammunition: 
Cartridges and Boxes from
     1895 to 1963.
by Peter Zimmerman

Rediscovered Shooting Treasures

Savage Catalog #68
(c. 1935)


Stevens Pistols and Pocket Rifles.

by Kenneth Cope
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Marlin.BMP (22854 bytes)
Old Rifle Scopes.
by Nicholas Stroebel
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Old Gunsights :
A Collectors Guide,

by Nicholas Stroebel
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Old Gunsights And Rifle Scopes: Identification and Price Guide.
by Nicholas Stroebel
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Savage Automatic Pistols
by James M. Carr
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Savage Arms catalog reprints are a source of valuable information 
on early Savage rifles, shot-guns, pistols, and ammunition.

Savage  Catalog
Savage Catalog #17
(c. 1907)
Savage Catalog #24
(c. 1909)
Savage Catalog #62
Savage Catalog #63
The "other"
Savage #63
Savage Pocket Catalog
(c. 1928)
Other catalog reprints of interest:

Colt Firearms 
(c. 1924)
Ithaca Guns
(c. 1919)
Lefever Arms Company Catalog
Lyman Catalog
Harrington & Richardson H & R catalog #12

Savage Arms Postcard, c. 1916

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