Savage Arms Catalog #24 (c. 1909, Second edition), reprint.

This is not a photocopy.  This is a big, full size catalog measuring approximately 9 by 7 1/2 inches with 36 pages and is a faithful digital reproduction of this early catalog.   It's cover is the classic screaming Indian which was used on many of the early catalogs of this vintage.  It contains many large two-tone illustrations.

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Firearms models listed and illustrated include the Model 1899 .303 Round Barrel Rifle, Model 1899 30-30 Octagon Barrel Rifle, Model 1899 25-35 Half Octagon Barrel Rifle, Model 1899 38-55 Round Barrel Rifle, Model 1899 32-40 round barrel rifle, Model 1899 Saddle Gun, Model 1899 Carbine, Model 1899 Featherweight, Model 1899 Take-Down Rifle, Model 1903 Repeater, Model 1903 Repeater English Pattern, Model 1903 Repeater E F, Model 1903 Repeater Expert, Model 1903 Repeater G H, Model 1903 Repeater Gold Metal, Model 1904 Junior Rifle, Model 1904 Junior Special Rifle, Model 1905 Target Rifle, Model 1905 Style B Rifle, Model 1905 Special Target Rifle, Model 1909 Repeater, and the Savage Automatic Pistol.
ad_pist.jpg (8477 bytes) Grades of the Model 1899 listed and illustrated include the Monarch grade, Rival grade, Victor grade, Premier grade, Crescent grade, Leader grade, Excelsior grade, A B grade, C D grade, A2 special rifle, and A2 regular rifle.
Two pages of cartridges are listed and illustrated and include the
.303 Savage, 30-30, 38-55, 25-35, 32-40, and the .32 automatic pistol.

Two pages of sights are illustrated as well as "extras" for the Model 1899 and 1903 rifles. 

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