Savage Arms Catalog (1903), reprint.

Quality reprint of the Savage Arms catalog dated 1903.  This is not a photocopy.  This is a big catalog measuring approximately 5 5/8 by 8 inches with 60 pages and is a faithful digital reproduction of this early catalog.  The catalog features the Model 1899 rifle and the Model 1903 rifle.   

Illustrated is the Model 1899 octagon barrel,  round barrel, half octagon barrel,  and take down rifles.  Component parts are illustrated and listed, open and closed views of the action are illustrated, and complete dismount and assembly instructions are provided.  The booklet also includes three pages of sights for the Model 1899.
ad_pist.jpg (8477 bytes) Grades of the Model 1899 listed and illustrated include the Grade "A", Grade "B", Grade "C", Grade "D", Grade "E", Grade "F", and Grade "G".  Two pages of cartridges and bullets are illustrated, plus expanded discussions of the Savage .303 cartridge, Savage 30-30 cartridge, and Savage rifle powders. There are illustrations of the Savage reloading tools and instructions for their use.
The Model 1903 .22 caliber repeating rifle is also featured with a description of its operation, use of its magazine, views of the action open and closed, and a list of the component parts.  Descriptions of the Peters .22 caliber ammunition are also provided.

Also illustrated and described is the Savage Magazine Tack Hammer!


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