Savage Arms Catalog No.68 (c. 1935), reprint.
This is not a photocopy.  It measures approximately 7 1/2 by 9 1/4 inches (original size and binding) with 24 pages and is a faithful reprint of the catalog right down to the interior coloring.

Also included is a copy of the 1935 retail price list!
Savage 99s listed include the 99 styles G and K, styles A and B - E and F, styles R and RS, the carbine, as well as the Savage 99 combination rifle and shotgun kit.
Also listed are the Super-Sporter Rifles, models 40 and 45, the Sporter model 23-AA, 23-B, 23-C, 23-D, the model 19 target rifle, the model 29, model 4, model 3, and the Savage 12 and 16 gauge automatic shotguns.
Savage cartridges listed with ballistics include the .22 Savage Hi-Power, the .250-3000 Savage 87 and 100 grain, the .303 Savage , and the .300 Savage 150 and 180 grain.

There are Savage sights and cleaning products also listed!
Price: $11.95