Here's one way to properly scope those older Savage 1899's and 99's.  Drilling and tapping greatly reduces the value of these fine old rifles.  One of the best ways to avoid this is to use Stith mounts.  These mounts fit in the rear dovetail and on the tang.  They are unique to the make and model, much like a tang sight.

Old Rifle Scopes.
by Nicholas Stroebel
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alaskan_full.jpg (20740 bytes)

This early .22 Hi Power probably began life with iron sights, was later fitted with a Lyman No. 1A tang sight, and now with a Lyman Alaskan post and crosshair on a set of 7/8 inch Stith mounts.

Detail of the front mount fitted into the dovetail.  This is a two piece mount and may be shimmed as needed.



Detail of the rear mount fitted to the tang with two screws, just as a tang sight would be.  The ring of the rear mount both pivots and swivels to perfectly align with the front mount.  Note the color of the base of the rear mount.  Often, some part of the mount was anodized.

perma_full.jpg (21573 bytes)

This 99EG is fitted with a Lyman 2 1/2 power PermaCenter post and crosshair on a set of 1 inch Stith mounts.

This front mount has more adjustments than the previous example.  Note the beautiful anodized finish.

Another variation of the rear mount.
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