Component part diagrams are available for many Smith & Wesson models.  The component part diagram contain a sheet with  illustrations of the component parts (not always a full set) and indicates manufacturers part numbers when provided.   If available, I'll send a copy of a catalog description.  Keep in mind many of these parts are obsolete and no longer available from Savage Arms.  Of course, prices on the sheets are also out of date.  There is a research fee of $3.95 plus S&H.  

Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson.

by Jim Supica

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Smith & Wesson '.22 Perfected Hand Ejector revolver'SW-210
Smith & Wesson '.22 Perfected Single Shot Pistol'SW-206
Smith & Wesson '.22 Straight Line Single Shot Pistol'SW-208
Smith & Wesson '.22/32 Heavy Frame Target Revolver'SW-212
Smith & Wesson '.32 Automatic Pistol'SW-220
Smith & Wesson '.32 Double Action Revolver'SW-214
Smith & Wesson '.32 Hand Ejector revolver'SW-218
Smith & Wesson '.32 Safety Hammerless Revolver'SW-216
Smith & Wesson '.35 Automatic Pistol'SW-222
Smith & Wesson '.38 Double Action Perfected Revolver'SW-228
Smith & Wesson '.38 Double Action Revolver'SW-226
Smith & Wesson '.38 Military and Police Revolver'SW-232
Smith & Wesson '.38 Safety Hammerless revolver'SW-230
Smith & Wesson '.38 Single Action Revolver'SW-224
Smith & Wesson '.44 Double Action Revolver'SW-234
Smith & Wesson '.44 Military Revolver'SW-236


Smith & Wesson American Model.

by Charles W. Pate

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