Component part diagrams are available for many Harrington & Richardson models.  The component part diagram contain a sheet with  illustrations of the component parts (not always a full set) and indicates manufacturers part numbers when provided.   If available, I'll send a copy of a catalog description.  Keep in mind many of these parts are obsolete and no longer available from Savage Arms.  Of course, prices on the sheets are also out of date.  There is a research fee of $3.95 plus S&H.

H & R 'American Double Action'; 'Safety Hammer Double Action; 'Young America Double Action'; 'Young America Safety Hammer'; 'Vest Pocket Safety Hammer'; 'H & R Bulldog'; 'Young America Bulldog'; and 'Victor (pistol)HR-3110
H & R 'Automatic Ejecting'; 'Police'; '22 Special'; and 'Expert' (pistol)HR-3104
H & R 'Hammerless' Single GunHR-3118
H & R 'Hunter Model'; 'Trapper Model'; and '922' (pistol)HR-3112
H & R 'Premier'; 'Police Premier'; and 'Target Mode' (pistol)HR-3106
H & R 'Single Shot Pistol U. S. R. A. Model' (pistol)HR-3114
H & R 'Sportsman'; 'Single and Double Action'; and 'New Defender' (pistol)HR-5212
H & R 22; 32; and 38 caliber Hammerless (pistol)HR-3108
H & R Single Guns Model 1900; 1905; 1908; and 1915 ? 'Heavy Breech'; 'Top Ribbed'; 'Folding'; 'Bay State'; 'Columbia'; and 'Handy Gun' (rifle/shotgun)HR-3116

J. Stevens Arms catalogues, 1875-1899: Illustrated pistols, rifles, and shotguns; single-shots, and schuetzens; cartridges, sights, parts, & accessories.
by Bill West

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